For any competition to be successful, we need lots of help from volunteers. These are some of the positions we need filled for every competition.

Scramblers: We need people that are familiar with WCA scrambling notation (for the events in the competition) to scramble cubes.

Runners: We need people to guide competitors to their solving station, as well as run cubes between the solving stations and scrambling station.

Judges: We need people to ensure regulations are followed over the course of a solve, as well as check solved state and assign penalties as required.

Data Entry: We need people to enter scores from scorecards onto cubecomps, so that live results are available to competitors and spectators.

Setup: We need people to set up and remove items in the competition venue such as chairs, tables, speedstacks displays, timers, and mats.

If you are interested in helping out, please contact us.