We're glad you're interested in organizing a competition with Alberta Cubers!

To help preserve the quality of our competitions, we have the following process to become an organizer with us.

1. Prerequisites

You should:

  • Have participated in at least 3 WCA competitions
  • Be at least 16 years old, or have a parent willing to take on the responsibility with you. If you are doing this with a parent, the parent should have also attended the competitions (e.g. as a spectator) with you.
  • Have a history of volunteering for the competitions you've attended, above the minimum requirements required for every competitor.
  • Be in good general standing with the community

2. Submit the below form for approval by the Alberta Cubers Board.

3. Shadow an organizer at an upcoming competition.

This is meant to show you all the steps and moving parts involved in a successful competition, including the work before, during, and after the competition. When you and the Alberta Cubers Board agree on a competition to shadow, you will need to be present for planning, preparation work leading up to the competition, as well as available to help out for the entire competition.

Before the competition, you should expect to see how we handle

  • Event selection
  • Venue booking
  • Floor plan design
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Scorecard/competitor card creation

As well as help out with

  • Cutting and sorting scorecards, competitor cards, etc.

On the day of the competition, you should plan to be there the entire day, and can expect to be involved in

  • Registration
  • Setting up equipment before the competition
  • New competitor tutorial
  • Scrambling
  • Judging
  • Data entry
  • Taking down equipment after the competition

4. Acquire Board Votes

If the Alberta Cubers Board feels you have gained all the relevant knowledge to be able to successfully organize your own competition, congratulations! You can now begin to plan your own event