Cube Mania

August 5 - 6, 2017

West Edmonton Mall, Center Stage (by The Bay)

Powered by Imagine+


We are pleased to announce the success of Cube Mania.

Thank you for Imagine+ for providing us the opportunity to organize this cubing event and provided all the draw prizes and the prizes for the winners. Thanks West Edmonton Mall (WEM) to provide the center stage for this event. We would also like to thanks all the volunteers that help out both days. 

This was a WCA-unofficial, 2-day speedcubing competition with no entry fee.

Due to its unofficial nature, we are able to fit more "fun" events in, such as team blindfolded and team factory, which are events you are unlikely to see at WCA-official competitions. Taking place in the center stage at WEM, Cube Mania will showcase the skills of speedcubers in Alberta, and is designed to be an event that is fun for both competitors and spectators.

Cube Mania 2017