Cube Mania

August 5 - 6, 2017

West Edmonton Mall, Center Stage (by The Bay)

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Cube Mania is a WCA-unofficial, 2-day speedcubing competition with no entry fee.

Due to its unofficial nature, we are able to fit more "fun" events in, such as team blindfolded and team factory, which are events you are unlikely to see at WCA-official competitions. Taking place in the center stage at WEM, Cube Mania will showcase the skills of speedcubers in Alberta, and is designed to be an event that is fun for both competitors and spectators.

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Relay - includes all 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 and Pyraminx

Team BLD - Team Blindfolded is a two-person team event where one competitor is blindfolded, and the other is not. The competitor who is not blindfolded may look at the cube, but may not touch it*. The objective is for the non-blindfolded competitor to communicate the solution to the blindfolded competitor, so that as a team they may solve it as quickly as possible.

*This person may touch the cube in inspection, but may not apply any moves to the puzzle.

Team factory - Team factory is a team event in which teams of two solve 2 cubes together. The competitors are required to exchange cubes between each step.

For this event, steps are defined as follows:

CFOP: cross, 1st pair, 2nd pair, 3rd pair, 4th pair, OLL, PLL
(For other methods, please contact us)

Parent solve - In this event, a non-cube-solving parent** is walked through a solve by their child. The child may not touch the cube, and must walk the parent through a timed solve.

**or friend, or sibling.